Cylinder head Identification

I met up with Andrew Sait at the Sandringham Classic Car Show recently and he mentioned that there were two different cylinder heads for the 2.9 Cologne engine as fitted to our cars.

I was to be honest taken aback by this, why because I had spent an outrageous amount of time removing cast iron from a set of heads that I purchased on Ebay years ago to fit to my car at a future date.

Andrew very kindly sent me the following along with the pictures. 'thank god all was okay' but not after a little sweating, I might add.

The non-catalyst heads have "F" cast in to the head on the top of the left-hand exhaust port; the catalyst heads have a "K" cast in to them in the same location (catalyst in German is "Katalysator", hence the "K").

Our Std Middlebridge have F cast onto the heads, if you ever need any.

I think the three attached photos will show the location quite clearly, especially "K Head 1". I have also attached the pages from the Haynes Scorpio manual that describes the differences in the specifications of the two types of cylinder head.

Hope this helps,


It certainly helped me Andrew and by putting on the site will hopefully help others in the future.

Thank you so much Mick G